Our Industrial Business & Services Division covers essentially all industrial and manufacturing specialties. Ranging from factory positions, sales engineer, engineering, R&D, Lean, OPEX, OH&S, QA&QS, HSE to automotive and chemical.  

These type of people rarely put their CVs on job boards and social media. With our trained consultants, they know how to conduct proper head hunting services to help you find that hard to get candidate. 

Our Industrial & Manufacturing team can help you with many areas. Call our team to discuss your needs and be introduced to one of our consultants who specialises in that position. 

We understand that B-to-B organisations require both the right people and the right strategies to operate at maximum efficiency. Our clients rely on our consultants' strong understanding of the market for insights into how to grow their business.

With en world regional offices throughout Asia-Pacific, we are able to satisfy our customer needs region-wide.