We aim to be "The Most Respected Recruitment Partner in the Asia-Pacific Region"

Why choose en world?

Each placement is unique, and finding the best candidate for your business requires not only expertise in a specific field, but also in-depth industry knowledge. We bring together Consultant teams specialising in both the target industry and specific functional fields, ensuring that we fully understand your requirements, and allowing us to present skilled and assessed candidates in an expedient fashion.

There’s never been a more challenging time to field an effective workforce. Technology, globalisation and demographic trends are changing the way employers and employees connect with one another and the traditional ways of recruiting aren’t working anymore.  en world takes a long-term relationship driven approach to make talent acquisition more efficient, systematic and effective. Then, through our unique Success after Joining program, we take better care of people after their appointment, reducing turnover and time & money lost in needing to unnecessarily recommence hiring processes. 

What We Do

You won’t solve a recruitment problem by throwing resumes at it. We make better matches by getting to know people, by taking the time to learn about our candidates and client companies, by making the effort to talk and listen to them face to face. Anyone can match a job description to a resume, but at en world Thailand, we dig deeper. By truly understanding our client's needs, the culture of the company and the enviornment and by understanding the candidate's needs, only then do we make introductions – not necessarily a lot of them.

More than half of our candidates are drawn from candidates not actively on the market. We employ specialists in candidate sourcing so that we can focus on direct sourcing and referrals.

Throughout the Asia-Pacific region we employ over 800 people across 4 countries and 11 offices, annually providing services to more than 2800 customers.  We are trusted by start-up operations, SME’s and household brand MNC’s.

Our core areas of specialisation are:

  • Accounting, Finance & Corporate Services
  • Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing & Construction
  • Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics
  • Technology & Digital
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR & Admin
  • Heathcare & Pharmaceutical; and
  • Executive

We believe in the absolute importance of tailoring our recruitment services to suit the individual needs of each unique stakeholder.  When facilitating introductions and creating career partnerships, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or miracle technology solution. Through long-term industry presence, Consultant credibility, an ability to think creatively and a high-touch, high-communication model we will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy.  We then focus on exceeding your expectations!

We are here to be your business partner, our aim is to be the most trusted recruitment partner in the APAC region. Meaning, we are here for the long-haul. Unlike many other agencies, we will not walk away from you when the going gets tough. We never give up. 

Success in Thailand's challenging environment

It takes a special kind of talent acquisition partner to truly understand the Thai market and the developing culture of Thailand. We have been working in the Thai market since 1999, so we know the market well. Anyone can find candidates that match a job description, but not everyone can find a candidate that is the right match to your culture and environment. Every company, and even a team within a company, has a different culture, working style and environment. Turnover is often as a result of a mismatched culture or working style. The candidate may be a highly skilled candidate but they just don't fit. This is where we come to the rescue. Our consultants are trained in using our 'Selection Model' a unique recruitment method to find out the 'hidden' aspects of a candidate. This can only be done via a proper in-depth interview. 

en world Services

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Permanent Recruitment

Our Consultant teams will carefully understand your needs and then screen potential candidates, introducing those who best fit. We also follow up after the placement to ensure a proper fit.

We value the importance of post placement follow-up and career-lasting relationships. 

We have developed a reputation for filling hard to fill roles and a history of repeat business.

Executive Search

In a global talent market unique skills and experience can be hard to find.  We apply true search and research methodology to identify the best possible people on the planet. 

Outplacement / Candidate Transition Management (CTM)

The thought of having to make someone redundant is never a pleasant thought. You can help your employees by offering our Outplacement service. We are here to assist the individuals return to the workforce, not merely in a "job" but in roles that match the career needs and desires of each individual. We offer a service to support individuals exiting a business. We help them adjust to the effects of the transition, maintain dignity and self esteem and provide to them the skills required to get their next career move.  Read more about how we help your employees with the transition here.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Companies with high-volume staffing requirements may want to handle talent acquisition directly, but may not have the expertise to manage this complex process internally. For these companies enPower, our RPO division, provides a complete outsourcing service tailored for a unique talent-acquisition environment. Visit the EnPower page.

Professional Contract Employment / Payroll Support Services

Looking at starting up a business in Thailand but don't have a legal entity set up yet? Not big enough to set up an office here but want a couple of sales representatives based here in Thailand? Really want that employee, but your headcount wont allow it? Well, we can help you there. We can offer a contracting service where we will contract an employee to you for a fixed or indefinate period of time. We will look after the payroll, taxation, social security  and payments of expenses to your employee. Visit our Contract Professionals page.

Ad Hoc HR Services

Would you like a third party to handle a HR task without bias? We can offer various HR administration tasks such as Reference Checking or Exit Interviews. 


Closed for business as of March 2021.

en world Japan Thailand Office has closed for business as of March 2021.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to our long-standing clients.
Further, for future inquiries, please refer to the details below.

For Japanese companies looking for overseas recruitment:
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Other inquiries:
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We look forward to your continued business at en world Japan.


エンワールド・ジャパン タイオフィスは、2021年3月をもちまして営業を終了いたしました。


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