What is Career Transition Management / Outplacement

The thought of having to make someone redundant is never a pleasant thought and a highly emotional experience for both parties. You can help your employees by offering our Career Transition Management (CTM) & Outplacement service. Outplacement service is a good opportunity for you to show to your employee that the company does care about their future and can have an impact on those still remaining in your company. 

We are here to assist the individuals return to the workforce, not merely in a "job" but in roles that match the career needs and desires of each individual. We offer a service to support individuals exiting a business. We help them adjust to the effects of the transition, maintain dignity and self esteem and provide to them the skills required to get their next career move. 

How do we do it

Our objective is to enable organisations and individuals to move smoothly from where they are to where they want to be in a highly efficient and effective manner. 

We recognise that different situations require tailored solutions and as a result, we can work with you to tailor a program suitable to both you and your departing employees. 

We can offer workshop programs suitable for groups or offer a one on one service focussed program for any level of employee. Our highly skilled consultants are trained to help you come up with the best possible solution. 

We help them during the transition and teach them the skills to be successful in the job market. We believe in the philosophy you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. We will possess the employee with the skills required to make them successful in the market. We will give them the confidence to manage the change effectively. 

With our sound connections in the recruitment industry, we can advise on available vacancies and also assist them in finding the vacancies that are not yet known. 

What is involved 

CTM program involves: 

  • Counselling service: helping the individuals adjust to the effects of the transition. We are here to support them go through the normal rollercoaster of emotions. 
  • Self-assessment: our consultant will help the individual assess themselves and their skills in order to determine the next career move.
  • Career planning: it could well be good timing for the individual to take the opportunity of changing careers - take a 'sea change'. Our consultant will discuss and help evaluate what the individual really wants to do with their career. 
  • Training & coaching: many of the senior people going through this type of transition, have not entered the job search market for some time. Our consultants will coach the individuals on how to present themselves during an interview, what the interview process is all about and how to 'market themselves'. They will also teach them about networking and personal branding. 
  • Preparation: our consultant will work with the individual to prepare a stand out CV, together with other materials required such as business cards, LinkedIn profiles etc. 
  • Searching: en world Thailand has several specialist job junction teams. The individual will be introduced the relevant team where a consultant from that team will interview them and advise on suitable vacancies. The consultant will work with them to find them the next position. 

Why should you use our services 

  • We can tailor a program to suit your needs. 
  • We can offer a cost effective solution. 
  • We have trained consultants in this field. 
  • We make the transition as smooth as possible for the employee. 
  • We minimise the emotional rollercoaster for both parties. 
  • We give you the opportunity to show that you do truly care.