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Managing talent in an uncertain world

Starting up a business iin Thailand is not always an easy task, nor is it a quick process. We cannot guarantee a timeline on how long the legal side will take. Getting the right people on board in the beginning is crucial to a successful start up. Therefore we cannot wait too long. For some positions, we require them to be working before the company is set up, in order for them to assist with that process. But how can you employ someone at that stage? This is where we can step in and help you. We can help you get your business up and running quickly and smoothly by providing you with the staff you need. We will offer our contracting services for those employees for any length of time. Once your entity is established they can smoothly transition to your business. 

For companies who want to hire representatives to be based in Thailand, our contracting solutions can also assist you. Let us take the unnecessary stress of sending over a representative when you can hire a local employee, who knows the market here to be your representative. 

We can make the difference that means success.

Why choose en world Contract Professionals

We can make the difference to your business hitting the ground running. No need to wait until your business is established, then find your staff. 

Our consultants can also help you with the recruitment of your employees, we hire them, you benefit. 

We will manage the payroll for your employees. We will look after payments of salaries, taxation, social security and any expenses. 

Payroll services

Really want that extra headcount in your team, but the headcount budget doesn't allow for it? No problem, talk to us and we can manage the payroll services for you. For a small monthly administration fee, we will take care of your employee's salary, taxation, social security and any expenses. 

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Closed for business as of March 2021.

en world Japan Thailand Office has closed for business as of March 2021.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to our long-standing clients.
Further, for future inquiries, please refer to the details below.

For Japanese companies looking for overseas recruitment:
Japan desk page (

Other inquiries:
Support page for Japan (

We look forward to your continued business at en world Japan.


エンワールド・ジャパン タイオフィスは、2021年3月をもちまして営業を終了いたしました。


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