Why join en world Thailand

If you want to develop yourself as a successful Consultant bring us your dedication and commitment and we will give you the tools to become a first class business professional.

We bring the best people together. Are you one of them?

If you’re ready to develop yourself as a successful recruitment consultant, bring us your dedication and commitment. We will give you the opportunity and the tools to become a first-rate business professional.

Experience a unique working environment - our en world Thailand family

Step into our offices and you will see it is alive and buzzing. Every day it's a hive of activity where we share a strong sense of fun and camaraderie. We have a young, active and diverse group of people who together feed off each other's energy and make it their aim to excel as both an individual and as a team. If you want to work in a company that recognises the hard work that you do, then join us. We work hard, but reward, recognise, train and have fun on the way!

What do you need to be able to join our team 

In en world Thailand, we have dedicated and committed people. Dedicated to do their best and committed to our clients and candidates. In return, we provide a great environment where you can grow and develop in both your career and personal development. We firmly believe you need to be happy at work, you spend more hours of the day at the office than you do with your family and friends. We work hard but we believe and encourage a work-life balance. What we want in potential employees are:

·         Passion

·         Hard working

·         Attitude

These three traits, together with being able to be dedicated and committed, will get you everywhere. If this sounds like you, then you will be welcome in our team!

Your Professional Development

en world succeeds on the strength of teamwork, solid business results and absolute customer satisfaction. To achieve these, we support our consultants with the best staff training available in our industry along with a range of staff incentives and outside professional development programs. 

Enjoy the rewards of success

en world is a business that celebrates its success with its employees. Our consultants are incentivised for their efforts, and the rewards scale with the results they achieve. We offer work life/flexibility tailored to your personal situation along with competitive commissions. We celebrate as a team with end-of-quarter events and outings, parties and other enjoyments. Friendly competitions keep us going but the teamwork is what makes us strong. 

Joining en world Thailand

Like any job hunting process, we believe this is a two-way process. Whist we try to provide the best possible environment, we know that not everybody is suited to the same environment. We look for a certain kind of person and our selection process, although quite intensive, allows you the opportunity to also assess if we fit what you are looking for! 

Our hiring process

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Want to know more about us? Then please give us a call on 02 078 7300 or drop us an email at TH-HR@enworld.com

Step 2: Forward a copy of your resume

If there's common ground and appetite to proceed we'd like to see a copy of your resume please.  This will provide us with a more comprehensive overview of your background and achievements and, in conjucntion with our previous discussion, will allow us to determine the most suitable role/s for you.

Step 3: A more structured conversation 

After reviewing your resume in detail, and assuming continued interest from both parties, we will set up an initial interview with you.  Depending on your location and availability, this could be phone-based, a video-call or face-to-face.  This meeting is typically a get-to-know each other discussion and provides an opportunity to understand your work style, preferences and goals.  This is also your first real opportunity to get an insight into how we operate, our culture and personal/professional beliefs.  There needs to be clear alignment for this to be successful.

Step 4: A proper interview 

This could be with the same person you've met with previously, another Manager in the business, our Country Manager, or we might just tag-team it!  We'll get into specifics based on your level of experience.  From here we should have all garnered whether we all get along and how you're going to approach your role and achieve success.  Just as we'll have a few probing questions for you, we expect the same in return!

Step 5: Follow up discussion/meeting

There's a good possibility that you may have forgotten to share a relevant anecdote or we need to follow up on a specific part/s of our previous discussions.  Equally, we may want to thrash out the foundations of a business plan with you, or have you meet with another Manager or some of your future colleagues.  It will really depend on individual circumstances - we prefer our hiring processes to be flexible, serve a purpose and be meaningful rather than follow a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Step 6: Reference checks and offer

It's important that we speak with at least a couple of people who can verify the superstar qualities that you've demonstrated throughout the selection process.  Following this, we'll move to making a formal offer.  Start date will be based upon your availability, business pressure points and time of year.  Without making any assumptions, we look forward to welcoming you to the team!!